Monday, July 13, 2015

Trip Splitter - Options to increase speed by minimalizing entries

Trip Splitter has many short-cut options to increase data entry speed by minimalizing entries made.  Take advantage of these options and you may reduce the (already fast) Trip Splitter entry time which allows more time enjoying your trip.

Default Participants and Payer
Quite often many of trip expenses will involve the same people. And sometimes one person pays almost every time. If that is true for, set that configuration of splitters and payers as the default. When a new expense is created, the time of specifying the splitters and payer will be saved.
Settings, Options, Display, Set "Simple User Interface" to No.  This "No" setting creates a sliding button bar at the bottom of the Trip Splitter screen. Swipe to the left to view the trip participants. Touch each participant that is to be a default.  Touch the default payer one more time.
Quick Add Item Button
Rather than go to the Menu and touch Add Item to add an expense, just touch the + button.
The quick add item button (+) is new in Trip Splitter 3.0.9.
Quick Expense Type Selection
Set "Simple User Interface" to No, and a item type button bar will be displayed at the bottom of the main item list. Touching a type icon will create a new expense item of that type, thus eliminating the need to touch the expense type icon.
Set simple User Interface to No. 

Default Participants and Payer Plus Quick Expense Type Selection
By setting the default participants and payer plus using the quick expense type selection, creating a new expense item is shortened to entering the amount and touching Done. Of course, the optional memo, payment method and photos may also be added.
Set simple User Interface to No and use Quick Expense Type Selection.

Allow access to iPhone Location Services
As an item description is entered, a list of business names near your location will be displayed.
iPhone Settings, Privacy, Location Services, set to On for Trip Splitter.
Use Current Users on Create
If your travel companions are always the same, this option is for you. When a new trip is created, the participants from the previous trip will be automatically included.

Be careful though, because the users are "linked" across the trips so that if you change a name, email address or photo, that change will be made to all the trips created with that user.
Settings, Options, Set Use Current Users on Create to Yes.

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