Saturday, May 4, 2013

Trip Splitter 3.0.0 about to be released to Apple

DC Software Arts is two "experienced" (old) programmers (Dave and Clif)  and a young artist/designer (Chris).  We have a number of iPhone apps in the store, but our best seller is a simple expense splitting app called Trip Splitter. It gets great reviews because it is pretty, well designed and works well.

The last few months have been spent converting the data storage mechanism to the more robust "Core Data" database in anticipation of adding iCloud support. While we were at it though, we did add the ability to delete splitters (users) from trips and the ability to undelete trips (there is a setting to change to allow this).

The code base for Trip Splitter also supports 4 other applications that we have in the app store - Trip Splitter Lite, Event Splitter, Divy It (roommate splitter) and Tailgate Splitter.  Most of the discussions in the blog will apply to all those apps.

This is the third major enhancement to Trip Splitter so the upcoming release is numbered 3.0.0.

The versions of the other apps are:
Trip Splitter Lite 3.0.0
Event Splitter 3.0.0
Divy It 2.0.0
Tailgate Splitter 2.0.0