Sunday, March 1, 2015

Spring Break - You manage the fun and let Trip Splitter manage the money

By now, your spring break plans have been made, destination selected, travel/hotel arranged and travel mates selected.  Much of this preparation may have been accomplished with apps.  Do not, however, allow your app advantage to stop there.  When traveling with friends and sharing expenses, Trip Splitter is the app to use.  With Trip Splitter, you can concentrate on the fun and not managing the money.

Trip Splitter is an app designed to simplify the tracking, management and sharing of group travel expenses.

To begin tracking expenses with Trip Splitter, simply create a new trip and enter the travelers (unlimited number).  Trip Splitter provides preset expense categories such as food, lodging and gas and an “Other”.  As an expense occurs (in any currency), select the category, the amount, who participated and who paid.  To help with naming the expense, Trip Splitter will even suggest a list of names of establishments where the expense was entered.  In addition, photos of receipts can be taken and managed with Trip Splitter. At any time during the trip, Trip Splitter can provide a detailed report of who has paid for what and when and who owes.

Tech Traverse included Trip Splitter in their list of Spring Break Apps of 2014. According to this review, with Trip Splitter “All you have to do is make an entry whenever someone pays for your beer. It is very easy to use and most of its features are self-explanatory. Also, it will help you to keep your expenses under control.”
Trip Splitter has other received significant recognition including:

  • “App of the Week” by ABC Technology Review,
  • “Top 7 Travel Budget Planning iPhone Applications” by TechGainer,
  • “50 Ultimate Travel Apps” by CNN Travel, and
  • A rating of 4+/5.0 by Trip Splitter customers.

So, whether its dinner and drinks or trekking across Africa with friends, Trip Splitter is an easy way to stay within budget and manage expenses when sharing costs with friends.   Trip Splitter was developed by DC Software Arts for  iPad or iPhone use and is available in the iTunes store. Click here to download the Trip Splitter app.

Note: if you want to track and split expenses as Trip Splitter does, but you would also like to track and share other things about your trip, like a GPS log of everywhere you went, check out our Journ app at the iTunes store.