Tuesday, July 11, 2017

How to enter an "Uneven Split"

When you are either creating a new item, or editing an existing item, the even "button" should have a round circle, not filled in, with the word EVEN after it.  This signifies that the expense is an even split amongst all the splitters you have selected in the row of splitters. You can also do an uneven split for payers.

If you touch the EVEN word, it should change to UNEVEN and the circle should fill in. And also a text entry field for the currency amount should show up below each person. 

Then you would touch the persons' icons for all who paid (usually just one) and all who split

Once uneven split is requested and payers and splitters are selected, you should see that amounts are filled in below the selected people. These represent the amounts for an even split and you will typed over these.

Then you would touch the currency amount field for the first person and enter the amount of the expense that they are responsible for. As you enter the amount for each person, the remaining person's amounts are adjusted as an even split amongst them. 

The fields are turned green as you enter a value for the person so that you know which entries you've made. You can't go back to re-enter the amounts once they've turned green without resetting the process by doing something like toggling from UNEVEN to EVEN to UNEVEN, or toggling any payer or splitter or by changing the expense amount..

So to recap, in a simpler set of instructions:
  1. Create an item.
  2. Enter the amount.
  3. Touch Even (to switch to Uneven).
  4. Touch the Payer.
  5. Touch the Splitters.
  6. Enter the amount the first splitter is charged.
  7. Enter the amount the second splitter is charged.
  8. Leave it to Trip Splitter to make sure the last splitter is charged the correct amount to equal the total expense amount.