Friday, June 7, 2013

We are now working on an upgrade to Trip Splitter that will help you track many more things about your trip than just your expenses.  Tentatively to be named "Trip Friday" as in Robinson Crusoe's "Man Friday", the faithful and personal assistant.  It is still a few months away.

In addition to the current expense types of entries, it has 4 new types: GPS logs (we call them Tracks) of your trips and treks, Events, Places and Notes.  At the end of the day, the Track will show where you went and 30 or so attributes of the track like how many miles, top speed, times moving and stopped, min and max elevations, etc. And you can have as many tracks a day as you want - one going all day for the trip record, and others for those individual hikes and special treks.

Each entry in your trip record can have any number of photos associated with it and we've got our own fantastic new camera view for making it easy to take and organize the photos, totally within Trip Friday.  You can tag photos with stars now, arrange the order, and add comments. And at the end of each day you can send out a "social" email and/or post the photos to Facebook for your friends and family to follow your experience.  There are plans for slide shows, web pages, and ebooks.

Managing the trip item list is getting easier. You can order the list forwards or backwards. You can group the items by day, week, month, quarter and year. You can number the groupings, e.g. Day 1, Week 1.  Functions like emails (social and financial), slide show, mapping, archiving can be done at the grouping level, the single item level, or the whole trip level.

At night we have a new "travel alarm mode" that displays beautiful clocks that we've moved in from our Art of Time application. While your phone is acting as a night-stand alarm clock, we archive the day's items and photos to your Google Drive account and post your selected photos to Facebook.