Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Some reasons why emailing your trip record might not be working

Occasionally we get technical support questions about a user's inability to send emails about the trip.
Here are some things to check.

  1. Do you have email addresses specified for your participants? You can add them in the edit trip function. Or are you wanting to enter them when you compose the email? Either should work.
  2. Do you have the Apple provided Email app installed and configured? Trip Splitter is dependent on that. You must have it installed and configured in the Settings app.
  3. Maybe there is something weird in the email Trip Splitter is creating. Can you switch to one of your old trips and try to send an email of that trip to yourself?
  4. Is your current trip different in any way? Large? Special characters in names? 
  5. Maybe there are large attachments? You could go to Email settings and turn off those 4 attachments. While there check the emails in the To, CC and BCC to make sure they are good

Here are some questions if is still not working:
  1. Are you using the menu item My Trips/Email or are you trying to email from the Totals screen? Either should work.
  2. Have you ever been able to email from Trip Splitter before or is this the first time?
  3. What happens when you try to email via the My trips/email menu item?